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Welcome to Box’d, a revolutionary new restaurant designed with one goal – to give our guests more time to take on the world.

We’ve simplified the order process, so that you don’t spend valuable time standing in line or waiting for your food to be prepared.

We’ve traded front of house order-takers for more chefs and a concierge team, to make it easier for you to get the healthy food you want, fast.

After you’ve placed your order – either through our mobile app or on our in-store kiosks – our chefs will get to work preparing your fresh and healthy meal, featuring inspired flavours of the Middle East. They’ll use the freshest vegetables, signature spice blends, and highest-quality proteins, to make your box just the way you like it.

When your food is ready, they’ll deliver it to your digital cubbie. You’ll be notified on your mobile device and on the face of the cubbie so that you can grab your food and go…out into the world to do some good!

4 King St. West

4 King Street West, Suite 102
Toronto, ON
M5H 1B6





Box’d POP-UP Yorkville

1250 Bay St

Toronto, ON

M5R 2B1